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               Hello, this is Jeff Hunter at my Forestville location,15 years previous to this

          I had a shop on Gravenstein ​Hwy South,  Sebastopol  and a total of 30 years

          experience  making a myriad of different repairs most involving vehicles but

          also so many other household

          repair projects.  

              I love to make efficient drivers seat

          repairs and improvements.  I focus on

          fixing parts that are worn ​or ripped, 

          and in the process restoring padding

          to a better than new condition.  I

          sometimes also add  custom extra

          lumbar support to reduce back

          problems.   Left unrepaired not only

          do drivers seats often become ugly, 

          but they can inflict pain.

​              Headliners (overhead upholstery)

          are another common efficient repair

          that can be made.  Often the foam

          backed material used in vehicle "ceilings" can disintegrate at  approximately 12

          years of age.   Repair often requires removal, recovering and replacement of

          molded cardboard parts also sunflaps etc.

              Convertible top replacement is one of my talents.  I like to figure out

​           various problems that may occur in older tops and repair them if possible 

​           thus  helping  you to get the full lifespan out of what you already have.             

               I like to perform jobs "while you wait" to save you back and forth time

           driving to my shop.  I like doing jobs "while you watch" both because I like

           to share conversation ​and because in some some situations your presence

           can be essential in putting all important final design touches on your project

           that often can only be made in process.

              If you will come slightly out of your way to meet up with me for a free

           estimate,  I i can offer you pick up and delivery of your work.   Visiting my

           Forestville location is literally like taking a walk in the park and getting a

           breath of fresh air.   I can also meet up with you in central Forestville,

           Sebastopol and who knows where else if that is more  convenient for you.

               Open for business 7 days,    call (707) 824-1292  or email

            [email protected] for more  information

            and/ or to set up a free estimate.